Summer is here and our readers are busy making their travel plans. If you’re looking for sun and sand but don’t want to carry it all the way to the coast, consider one of the many quaint towns along the Great Lakes. Are you planning to stay at an all inclusive resort this summer? Then don’t miss our tips to avoid five common mistakes to avoid. With retirement in sight, our writers have shared their insights into great travel destinations in the US and abroad.

Lighthouse in Marblehead, Ohio (Photo: Doug Lemke /

17. Charming small towns on Lake Erie

Nestled on the coast of Lake Erie, you will discover numerous small towns in the north Ohio. These charming towns make this region a must-see in summer – or any time of the year. Explore lake lighthouses, browse local restaurants and boutiques, or go to the beach and soak up the water in one of these eight charming small towns on Lake Erie.

16. Don’t miss the National Monuments in Arizona

Arizona’s most defining natural feature is undoubtedly the Grand Canyon. Many others have at least heard of the state’s other two national parks: Saguaro and Petrified forest. However, make time for the 19 national monuments that complete the mosaic of nature and history that is also scattered across the state. If you’re intimidated by 19, think about this one Eight Arizona National Landmarks Not To Be Missed at least.

15. Visit beautiful Michigan cities on Lake Superior

A visit to Michigan‘s Upper Peninsula would be incomplete without experiencing the vastness of Lake Superior. With just over 300,000 residents – across the peninsula – there is no more ideal place to experience high quality R&R. With miles of calm coastline at your disposal, one of these seven beautiful cities in Michigan on Lake Superior would be the perfect relaxing destination this summer.

Aker Brygge Dock in Oslo, Norway (Photo: Anna Jedynak /

14. Amazing European Cities to Visit in June

June is officially here, and with it comes early summer with warmer weather without the unbearable heat that late summer brings. Europe has mastered the art of al fresco dining, patios and courtyards ideal for soaking up historical beauty and community culture, especially during the summer months. Read more about it nine amazing European cities ready for your June visit.

13. Attractions in Florida’s Alligator Alley

The motorway section, the Naples and. connects Miami cuts through the heart of the Everglades. This is probably why US 41 was nicknamed “Alligator Alley”. This unique Florida The drive is best completed slowly to take full advantage of the sights along the way. You just have to be faster than the alligators; or at least faster than someone in your group. Enjoy this 12 attractions along Florida’s Alligator Alley.

12. Mistakes to Avoid in All Inclusive Resorts

All inclusive resorts are the ideal way to vacation for many travelers, especially budget travelers who enjoy knowing the bottom line ahead of time. However, many all-inclusive resorts have tricky fine print exceptions that need to be considered when choosing accommodation. Note the tips from our experts about the expert Five mistakes to avoid on an all-inclusive visit.

Historic Prince of Wales Hotel in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.Prince Of Wales Hotel in Niagara-on-the-Lake (Photo: Gilberto Mesquita /

11. Best International Small Towns

London. Paris. Tokyo. Sydney. When thinking about international travel, these cities – along with many others – probably come to mind as they are known around the world as essential metropolises. When traveling abroad, however, it is important to move outside of the big cities and experience the rich culture that resonates in the smaller cities. TravelAwaits readers have this as that The 11 best international small towns and we think you should add them to your bucket list.

10. Beautiful Minnesota Lake Towns

What better place to consider when planning a lake excursion than the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”. Proximity to a nearby swimming hole or access to skiing increases exponentially when traveling through a state with lake access. These six beautiful sea towns in Minnesota are ready to welcome you.

9. Why Portugal is perfect for expat retirees

TravelAwaits regular contributors Sue Reddel and Diana Laskaris traveled to – and wrote about – Portugal for many years. Over time, their love for the country continued to grow, until last year they made the life-changing decision to move there permanently. Sue and Diana share with you nine reasons Portugal is perfect for expat retirees.

The writer on a stagecoach.Janie H. Pace

8. Charming small towns in southwest Colorado

southwest Colorado is a great place to enjoy a scenic drive through the slopes of the San Juan Mountains while exploring the many fascinating historic towns. Next time you’re on the San Juan Skyway, here are some things to consider seven charming towns in southwest Colorado.

7. The 25 Best Small Cities US to Visit This Summer

Our readers shared their favorite small towns as part of ours Best Of Travel Awards: From Alaska to Texas and California to Maine, wherever you are in the States, there really is something on our list for everyone. Experience the heart of the small town of Americana in The 25 Best Small Towns in the United States this summer.

6. Where to Retire for an Immediate Pension Increase

When making decisions about life after the nine-to-five grind is over, financial well-being is an important factor to consider. Our team has consulted a financial advisor about the The top eight US states to retire for an immediate raise for those who want to make sure that their money is in theirs as much as possible golden years.

5. TSA PreCheck vs. Clear vs. Global Entry: What’s the Difference?

Airport security lines are an unfortunate necessity when traveling by air. As the flights keep picking up as more travelers return to heaven, those lines only get longer. If you are a frequent traveler our team is here to help you understand the differences between TSA PreCheck, Global Entry and Clear how to determine which one is best for your needs.

Buildings in Panama.Cindy Barks

Panama is both literally and figuratively a bridge between the two Americas and has a lot to offer beyond the famous canal. Read our Nine Reasons why Panama is so popular with retirees looking to live internationally and see if Panama is the place for you.

Sunset on Hapuna Beach in Hawaii.Sunset on Hapuna Beach in Hawaii. (Photo credit: A. Emson /

3. Dr. Beach announces its list of the best beaches in 2021

If your Summer plans waiting for Dr. Beach to unveil its picks for the best beaches in the world, don’t wait any longer! For those who want to enjoy the sun and sand, Dr. Beaches 2021 list will surely make you dream of palm trees and waves.

Galapagos Islands, EcuadorGalapagos Islands (Image credit: Jess Kraft / Shutterstock)

2. The landscape of the Galapagos Islands has changed forever

The Galapagos Islands will no longer be the same: See, which famous formation has recently lost its war against gravity, change the Galapagos landscape forever.

And the most popular item from May was …

Skagway, Alaska old town downtown Red Onion SaloonSkagway, Alaska (Photo: Frank Flavin)

1. The 15 Friendliest Small Cities in the United States

Small town charm is often synonymous with friendly residents. Whether it’s helpful directions or timely advice, travelers rely on locals to make the most of their time in a small town. Schedule a visit to The 15 friendliest US small towns this summer and they will surely roll out the red carpet to welcome you.

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