At Fenetic Wellbeing, we understand the importance of choosing the right place for retirement. With that in mind, we thought about what makes a place good to retreat to. To find out, we asked 1,000 respondents what makes an area to retreat to and selected three options. We found that the crime rate is the biggest factor in deciphering what makes a place to retreat to. 59.3% of respondents said they would consider moving if a location had a lower crime rate than where they currently live.

We also asked the 1,000 participants if they would consider moving to another part of the UK if life expectancy in that area was higher than where they currently live. 79.84% of respondents said yes and 20.16% said no, suggesting that many people do not have strong ties to their hometown.

With these factors in mind, we looked at each county in the UK to see which 10 is best for retirement and which 10 is worst for retirement.

Which districts are the best to withdraw to?

Top 10 best counties Crime rate
Rutland 49%
Gloucestershire 69%
Surrey 72%
Cornwall 73%
Wiltshire 78%
Cambridgeshire 79%
Oxfordshire 79%
Devon 81%
Somerset 81%
Hertfordshire 82%

Rutland has a crime rate of only 49%. Calling itself the County of Good Taste, Rutland is a great country getaway and the perfect place to soak up the great outdoors. The only two towns in Rutland are Oakham and Uppingham, and both towns have their own hidden gems, bike paths, boutiques and even a castle! Life expectancy in Rutland averages 82.2 years that’s something above that national average of 81.52 yearss.

Gloucestershire is a county in south west England and is famous for many Cotswold towns and villages such as Bourton-on-the-Water and Cheltenham. The county has many attractions including Berkley Castle and the ruins of the Witcombe Roman Mansion. Life expectancy in Gloucestershire is 81.2 yearsThis corresponds almost to the national average of 81.52 years.

Surrey is also a county in south east England and is known as a relatively wealthy county. Surrey is very close to the British capital, London, but Surrey still contains a lot of mature woodland. The average Life expectancy in Surrey is 83.15 yearswhich is well above the national average.

Cornwall is a county in south east England and lies on the westernmost points of Great Britain. The county has built its reputation on fishing, mining and agriculture and is known as one of the most beautiful places in Britain. The average Life expectancy in Cornwall is 81.55 yearsslightly above the national average.

Wiltshire is a county in south west England and is very famous for its prehistoric monuments, including Stonehenge. Other famous places in Wiltshire are the villages of Lacock and Castle Combe, both of which have been cited as the ‘most beautiful villages in England’. Life expectancy in Wiltshire is 80.8 yearsslightly below the national average.

Cambridgeshire is a county in east England and is full of cathedral cities, medieval markets and one of the largest learning centers in the world, the University of Cambridge. Life expectancy is 81.2 yearsslightly below the national average.

Oxfordshire is a landlocked country in south east England. The county is famous for its centrally located city of Oxford, home to one of the most famous universities in the world, Oxford University. The city is also rich in historical heritage sites, including Oxford Castle and Prison and the Bodleian Library. Average life expectancy in Oxfordshire at 82.35 years is slightly above the national average.

Devon is a county in south west England and offers a choice of spectacular coastlines, beautiful beaches and is a popular holiday destination. Devon is home to two cities, Exeter and Plymouth, and there are a choice of market towns including Barnstaple, Tiverton and Bideford. The The average life expectancy in Devon is 78.5 yearsslightly lower than the national average.

Somerset is a rural county in south west England and is home to two cities, Bath and Wells. Notable towns of Somerset include Yeovil, Bridgwater, Weston-Super-Mare, and Mangold. Life expectancy in Somerset is 82.2 yearsat the level of the national average.

Hertfordshire is a county in east England and is brimming with mansions, famous monuments and traditional English villages. Average life expectancy in Hertfordshire is 82.5 years, just above the national average.

Which district has the edge?

Surrey has the highest life expectancy of any county with the lowest crime rate, which makes it the best county to retreat to in the UK. Surrey is home to some of the most picturesque towns and villages in the country, including those listed here.

All cities in Surrey have great histories, from medieval to Victorian, and the old is part of the new modern and vibrant way of life. From the second largest church tower in England, St. Martins in Dorking, to Guildford with one of the youngest cathedrals in England; Farnham with a castle and Kingston with the Thames. The course in Woking city center has recently been redeveloped. Guildford has the beautiful River Wey and Navigation, while Runnymede near Egham has the Magna Carta.

Surrey has many quaint villages with thatched cottages, village halls, village squares with cricket pitches, local pubs and country walks. Sounds like the perfect place to retreat, doesn’t it?

Which districts are the worst to withdraw to?

Top 10 worst counties Crime rate
West Yorkshire 157%
Kent 155%
Essex 137%
Greater Manchester 131%
Merseyside 126%
County Durham 121%
West Midlands 120%
South Yorkshire 119%
Lancashire 115%
Northamptonshire 114%

West Yorkshire ranks first for the highest crime rate of any county in the UK. While this may seem worrying, West Yorkshire Police are recording it Crime continues to decline across the countyand police officers are recognized for their efforts to fight crime and protect the vulnerable.

West Yorkshire is full of vibrant cities, towns with industrial heritage, quaint villages and stunning walk and bike paths. Regardless of the crime rate, beauty and entertainment are sure to be found all over the county, and it could still be a good place to retreat if you find the right town or village for you.

Considering the ten best places to retire, would you move away from your hometown for a better life and a low crime rate?