Rachel Holt from WBZ-TV reports.

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LISA HUGHES: Brand new at 6:00 a.m., dancing the night away at their prom, the residents of a retirement home in Franklin had the opportunity to let off steam today.

DAVID WADE: For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, they were able to celebrate together. And Rachel Holt from WBZ was able to take part.

RACHEL HOLT: Dancing, eating, corsages. It’s been a while since most of these partygoers have been to prom.

ROBERT WALEURGH: I finished my school, but that was years ago, 1953.

RACHEL HOLT: For others, it’s the first time.

LAURA TAVARES: I think it’s nice. I didn’t go to a prom. I never got a degree. I had to leave school when I was 16.

RACHEL HOLT: Magnolia Heights Gracious Retirement Living in Franklin is holding a prom for residents.

LAURA TAVARES: It’s very exciting and everyone is talking. It’s all in their heads. And do you get dressed? Are you getting dressed No. Well i am Oh, maybe I’ll do that.

THELMA SCHMIDT: You look wonderful. Your food is beautifully prepared. And I think it’s a pretty happy day for everyone.


RACHEL HOLT: And it wouldn’t be a prom without the coronation of the king and queen.

It feels good. It took me many years to become king.

OK, it just brings back a lot of old memories.

RACHEL HOLT: For the 130 residents of the senior community, this is the first major event since the pandemic. And the turnout says it all.

ROBERT WALEURGH: Well, you have to understand because of the virus that was going around. So we said, OK, but we have to do better next year. And that’s it.

CAROLYN PEREIRA: The thing about having an event here is just– I get goosebumps. Yes, it is very meaningful to us, the staff and the residents.

RACHEL HOLT: For WBZ News, I’m Rachel Holt.

LISA HUGHES: I am so happy that we were able to share this celebration.

DAVID WADE: Such a sweet event and you could see that there is a reason there is so much emotion. These people have been told to stay away from people. And boy, a year later you can smile. You can dance. It’s awesome.

LISA HUGHES: Connect in fabulous ways.