Livonia Police Chief Curtis Caid is retiring from his job to keep one of Metro Detroit’s largest communities as safe as possible.

The city announced on June 10th that after 10 years as boss and 42 years in the department, Caid will retire at the beginning of the new year.

He will retire on January 1st, and on the same day, Captain Thomas Goralski is promoted to the top position and heads around 100 officers.

Mayor Maureen Miller Brosnan created the deliberately expanded transition plan to accommodate the recent retirements of Captain Ron Taigand Captain Daniel McKeon, who combined nearly 70 years of leadership experience in the department.

The chief seems to be prepared for months of wonderful memories and farewells.

“It is a real honor to have served the Livonian community for over four decades,” he said in the Town Hall update. “During my time as police chief, I have seen the incredible commitment of many elected leaders, other city department heads, and leaders in this community.”

“As for the sworn and civilian members of the Livonia Police, I couldn’t be more proud of them and their families. They are an amazing group of compassionate professionals who are committed to service and protection while ensuring that Livonia remains a safe community to live, work and play with. “

The man who chaired the police memorial ceremonies in Livonia urged residents to remember that commitment has its price. Livonia has seen four of its officers die on duty.

“We must always remember their sacrifices and their ministry to keep Livonia a Families First church,” he said.

From now on, Goralski will act as deputy boss when Caid is out of the office. Goralski’s name, for example, appeared in statements and reports on May 25th fatal knife wounds on the streets of Plymouth and Middlebelt.

Goralski has worked in the department for 32 years and is a graduate of Madonna University, Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command, and the prestigious FBI National Academy for Police Executives.

He served on the department’s administration team for more than five years.

“Captain. Goralski is the right choice as the next head of Livonia Police, ”said Caid. “He has the necessary experience and perspective to continue the important work of the Department for the Livonian Community.”

Brosnan had kind words ready for both the departing and the arriving police chief.

“Chief Caid will retire after 10 years of inspired leadership and a career of dedicated service to our community,” she said. “I am very grateful for his work to ensure the safety of Livonia while facing new challenges such as the new crisis support team adding social workers to assist the police in mental crisis.

“As the new boss, Captain Goralski is a respected leader whose experience will be critical in this transition. Capt. Goralski will continue the success story of our police force with exceptional leadership. “

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Livonian Police Captain Thomas Goralski

Goralski is currently the commandant of the department’s support services department. He has a broad range of law enforcement and departmental skills after serving in patrol, special operations, intelligence, detective work, and various leadership roles.

He has served in the Honor Guard of the Livonia Police and served as the Driving Coordinator of the Emergency Vehicle Operation Training Unit. Goralski is the commanding officer of the Western Wayne County Crisis Negotiators Team.

“I am honored to have Mayor Brosnan’s confidence in my leadership skills and I look forward to working with her, the entire Livonia Police family and the city council to ensure the safety and information of our community,” said Goralski, a married father of two and a long-time Livonia resident.

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