Jared Soares

Martha Boudreau

What is your role at AARP?

My job is to make sure the voice of AARP is powerful and that our task comes to life. We get the word out through our popular publications; on-line; on social media, television, and radio; and even through smart speakers. I am also responsible for ensuring that our members get on well with us. Finally, I oversee our membership activities.

What would you like to achieve with your work at AARP?

People live longer. It is my goal to help them in every phase of life to develop their full potential. By providing them with information and resources, we can help them make choices that will pave the way for their best life.

Describe a recent victory for your team

Create the Virtual community centerwhich enables people to connect to AARP daily through live virtual events across the country. It’s an idea that quickly came to life and immediately started helping people connect on topics like cooking, fitness, and travel during the pandemic.