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7 Telltale Signs That a Senior Citizen Can't Live Alone

Feb 11

7 Telltale Signs That a Senior Citizen Can't Live Alone

Most older Americans would prefer to live independently at home as the age, but this isn’t always possible. Some older adults require anywhere from limited support to 24-hour care. A first step is often moving into an independent senior living community.

As a family member, it’s essential to recognize the signs that your loved one shouldn’t live alone and would likely benefit from additional care and assistance. 

1. They Struggle With Daily Tasks

Often, one of the first symptoms of physical and cognitive decline is the failure to keep up with daily tasks and household chores.

  • Cooking: If an older person can’t cook safely or isn’t able to perform all the steps to make a meal, it’s time to consider alternative living arrangements. They may not be getting proper nutrition.
  • Cleaning: Watch out for dirt, clutter, or unpleasant odors. Neglected home maintenance chores like electrical or plumbing issues are another giveaway. 
  • Personal hygiene: Many older adults struggle with bathing, grooming, or putting on clean clothes due to weakness, limited mobility, cognitive impairment, or depression.

2. They Have Mobility Issues

Mobility issues not only prevent seniors from living independently but can also lead to dangerous falls and severe injuries. Stairs, rugs, and multi-level housing exacerbate fall risk. To prevent falls, consider transitioning your loved one to a single-level independent living facility.

3. They Can’t Keep Up With Their Health Care 

Older adults must self-manage their medical care to stay healthy and thrive. If they are struggling, it may be time to look into independent or assisted living facilities.

  • Medication: Some seniors misuse, forget, or refuse to take their medications due to confusion, memory problems, or poor eyesight.
  • Medical monitoring: If your loved one is skipping blood pressure and blood sugar checks, they may need additional care.
  • Doctor’s appointments: It’s not uncommon for seniors to miss appointments because they forgot about them, didn’t understand or hear what the doctor said, or were afraid to drive.

4. They Mismanage Their Money

Does your loved one not pay or delay paying their bills, give money away, make extravagant purchases, or fall for fraud and scams? In such cases, having a financial power of attorney and moving to an assisted or independent living community can help protect their finances.  

5. They Start Wandering or Have Memory Problems

Contrary to popular belief, cognitive decline is not a normal part of aging. If you notice any of the following signs, your loved one may need a cognitive health assessment and possibly alternative living arrangements:

  • Forgetting conversations: making repetitive statements or asking repetitive questions
  • Misplacing things around the house
  • Wandering
  • Getting lost walking or driving to familiar places
  • Frequent driving accidents or unexplained dents and scratches on the car
  • Confusion about traffic signs or stop lights

6. They Feel Lonely and Isolated 

Loneliness and social isolation lead to detrimental physical and mental health outcomes in older adults. Whether your loved one is lonely because they have memory issues, can no longer drive, or can no longer work, moving into an independent senior living facility can be a great way to socialize, make friends, and meet new people.

7. They Become Anxious, Paranoid, or Depressed

Many older adults in the early stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease become defensive or paranoid. Others develop a fear of being alone at night, often after the death of their partner or because they fear the onset of a medical condition. These are clear signs your loved one cannot and should not live alone.

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