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Will My Loved One Have Roommates, or Are Private Rooms Available in an Assisted Living Facility?

Feb 7

Will My Loved One Have Roommates, or Are Private Rooms Available in an Assisted Living Facility?

As people age, completing daily activities like shopping, cooking, and managing medication can become increasingly challenging, but moving into an assisted living facility often raises many questions and anxieties. If you’re searching for the ideal senior home for your loved one, you’ve likely wondered about their room options. Let’s explore the room types typically available at senior communities and how to make the ideal choice for you or your loved one.

Room Types Available at Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities vary in the types of rooms and services they offer. You may find several communities in your area providing one or more of the following:

Private Apartments and Condos

Large and small communities across the country offer private units where individuals and couples enjoy an independent but supported environment. A private apartment or condo may include the following:

  • A living room
  • One or two bedrooms
  • A private bathroom
  • A small kitchen or kitchenette

Depending on the floor plan, units commonly range between 350 and 1,000 square feet and may or may not include furnishings. 

These communities often offer residents meal services, laundry, and housekeeping. Residents may also receive assistance with medication management, bathing, dressing, and other daily tasks as needed. Many seniors prefer this option because it offers a private and independent lifestyle combined with daily living assistance. 

Private Rooms

Individuals who value their privacy may also choose private rooms in assisted living communities. Facilities offering private rooms often fit into the boutique category with a small number of residents who live together in a licensed single-family home. The facility may offer a variety of spaces, such as libraries, fitness centers, movie theaters, and outdoor gardens.

In boutique communities, seniors commonly enjoy a highly supportive caregiver-to-resident ratio and daily task services like laundry, meal preparation, medication management, and personal care support. Available medical services depend on the facility and the types of professionals on staff. 

Consider The Chateaux Assisted Living by MD Senior Living as an example. This five-bedroom home in Phoenix, AZ, offers private rooms with en-suite baths in a fully renovated, luxurious single-family home.

Shared Rooms

Seniors looking for a more affordable option may choose an assisted living facility offering shared rooms that accommodate two or more residents. While some individuals prefer not to have roommates, shared rooms provide residents with companionship and help prevent feelings of loneliness. Roommates also help staff members identify potential changes in one another, such as declining health or increased confusion.

Memory Care Rooms

Some room types cater to residents who need specific levels of care. For instance, facilities often use smaller rooms for memory care residents because they do better without too much clutter. A memory care room at an assisted living facility or nursing home provides a more controlled and supportive environment for residents struggling with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia.

Choosing the Ideal Room Type for Your Loved One

Whether you’ve only just begun to think about your loved one’s long-term care or browsed pages of results after searching online for “assisted living near me,” you likely wonder how to choose the best room type for your loved one. Many assisted living facilities offer photo galleries and floor plans on their websites, but nothing beats an in-person tour. 

When choosing which communities to schedule tours with, remember to consider your loved one’s room preference and needs. Your loved one may value their independence and privacy over the companionship of having a roommate or vice versa. 

Tour Luxury Assisted Living Options by MD Senior Living

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If you’re still researching assisted living facilities and want to learn more about these communities, click here to learn about addressing concerns or problems at a senior care facility.