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Is Independent Senior Living Right for Your Loved One?

Jan 31

Is Independent Senior Living Right for Your Loved One?

Are you wondering whether independent senior living is the right choice for your loved one? When considering the move to an independent living facility, it’s important to consider both the living environment and your loved one’s ability to care for themselves. Independent living facilities provide more freedom and privacy than assisted living facilities, which are best suited for seniors who need help with daily activities and tasks.  

At The Landing at Carmichael, a close-knit independent living facility in Carmichael, CA, we’re proud to help seniors enjoy their golden years by providing support, care, and affection.

Read on as we discuss how to decide whether making the transition to independent living is right for your aged loved one, then weigh the benefits and considerations of transitioning a loved one from their home into a senior community.

What Is an Independent Living Facility?

Despite some people using the terms interchangeably, there is a difference between independent living and assisted living facilities. For seniors to live independently, they must be healthy, active, and able to take care of themselves. In an independent living community, seniors can have more freedom and enjoy life in social environment without the stress of conventional home ownership and maintenance.

In contrast, assisted living facilities are for seniors who require more comprehensive care with their activities of daily living.

Why Many Seniors Choose to Transition to an Independent Living Community

Is moving to an independent living facility the right choice for your loved one? Consider these reasons why many seniors choose to transition from living at home into an independent senior living community:

Ready for a Change

Often, seniors are prompted to move into an independent living community because they’ve experienced a life crisis or are ready for a change. For example, the passing of a spouse or feeling alone after children have grown up and moved out are common reasons why seniors often transition out of their homes.

It’s a common misconception that seniors will not be able to retain their independence if they move into an elder living community, typically for ages 55+. Instead, residents of these communities can drive, go where they wish, and no longer have to worry about responsibilities like mowing the lawn or making minor repairs.  

Services and Amenities

Another primary attraction for many seniors to move into an independent living community is the abundance of services and amenities. For example, many facilities have gyms and fitness centers, pools, educational and craft classes, games and competitions, field trips and outings, entertainment halls, salons, and more. In addition, many have walking trails and scenic views close by for all to enjoy. With so much to do, it makes it possible for seniors to stay healthy, happy, and active.

Social Benefits

Many seniors also enjoy moving into an independent living community because it places them close to others around their age, allowing them to socialize, branch out, and make new friends. For seniors, living alone can be a lonely existence. However, when surrounded by a community of peers, they can take advantage of the social environment and enjoy time with friends and neighbors.

Activities and Events

As people age, they tend to stay home more. However, if your loved one moves to a senior living community, they can enjoy the benefit of going on activities and trips without the hassle of planning and driving. Many facilities have vans and shuttles that provide free transportation as well as staff that plan regular trips and activities for residents.

Consider the Benefits of Independent Senior Living for Your Loved One

Moving to an independent senior living community is the right choice for many families with elderly loved ones. However, it’s important to first consider all the factors, like independent senior living costs, your loved one’s level of independence, and the right decision for their health.

Here at The Landing at Carmichael, we provide a beautiful, safe, and happy environment to enable your senior to enjoy their golden years. For older people, the wonderful Sacramento suburb of Carmichael is an excellent place to call home. In fact, 51% of the population is over 40, and the town features more senior living facilities than any other place in Northern California. Call us today at (916) 481-7105 or head online to book a virtual tour of our community.