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What Is the Highest Level of Care in an Assisted Living Facility?

Jan 23

What Is the Highest Level of Care in an Assisted Living Facility?

Caring for an aging loved one and determining what level of care they need is always challenging. Some may require more attention and assistance with daily living than others, and many have needs that change over time. Assisted living facilities offer a secure, supportive environment with well-rounded, personalized care at any level.

What Are the Different Levels of Assisted Living Care?

Assisted living isn’t the same as a nursing home. An assisted living facility in Elkton, MD, offers seniors the care they need to live with some independence. Most states categorize assisted living into the following three levels of care.

Level 1: Assisted Living Care

Level 1 assisted living is the most basic level of care, providing a safe and secure environment for individuals who need assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs). Level 1 residents can typically bathe, dress, and handle personal hygiene alone. However, they may require medication reminders and perform specific daily tasks.

Level 2: Assisted Living Care

The second level of assisted living care is for aging adults who struggle to complete certain ADLs and need a little more help with their daily activities. Residents at this level require moderate care throughout the day and typically require one-on-one help performing a specific task, such as bathing or getting dressed. An assisted living facility must provide regular supervision or medication management to keep Level 2 individuals safe and healthy.

Level 2 caregiving varies from person to person. For example, some seniors have minimal mobility issues, while others struggle to get on and off the toilet. As a result, this level of care is highly personalized.

Level 3: Assisted Living Care

Your needs become more intensive and extensive as you progress through care levels. In such cases, individuals require more hands-on assistance. Level 3 is generally the highest level of assisted living care. 

Level 3 assisted living (a.k.a. enhanced assisted living) is the level at which residents need assistance with most, if not all, ADLs. Seniors requiring Level 3 care often suffer from physical impairments and varying degrees of memory loss, and caregivers must help them with tasks like toileting, bathing, and communicating. They may also need multiple caregivers and extensive, focused daily assistance.

How Do You Determine the Right Level of Care?

When deciding on a facility, you want to identify what kind of care your loved one needs and how much they can do for themselves. For example, an assisted living facility might be appropriate if your loved one needs only minor assistance with daily living but can still drive. Before searching for a “nursing home near me,” you’ll want to determine the appropriate level of care to weed out those facilities that may not be able to accommodate your loved one's needs. If an assisted living facility is what you're looking for, make a short list of top candidates and interview them to find the perfect fit.

Assisted living facilities provide a well-rounded, noninvasive assessment to determine every potential resident’s needs. This evaluation helps the staff know what stage of life the individual is in and how they can best care for them. During this time, you’ll also learn whether an assisted living community would be the best option for your aging relative.

Find Assisted Living Near Me

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