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Energy Audits: A Guide for Homeowners

Jul 24

What's the goal of conducting a home energy audit?


It's a review of your home's energy consumption and the actions you could implement to improve the efficiency of your home. This is called an energy audit. Evaluating your home's efficiency can save you money on utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint.


Do I need an energy audit?


A professional home energy audit Richmond VA can take anywhere from 30 minutes up to four hours, depending on the size of your house. Professional Insulation contractors employ several methods to pinpoint the areas causing problems in your home. They then outline suggestions for how to improve efficiency at your home.


A home energy audit maybe something like this for your house:


A certified energy auditor will look over your home from outside. Your windows, walls, and eaves will be scrutinized to determine whether any issues leak through or out of your home.


The auditor will be up to the attic to inspect certain things if there is an attic. To ensure that your insulation is properly applied and evenly distributed throughout the walls, the contractor will conduct a thorough check. To make sure that the holes in which wires conduct electricity are sealed adequately or could be a cause of leakage, they'll check these locations.


The auditor will check your heating and cooling systems. It's time to upgrade if either or both cooling systems are old. They'll also examine the ductwork that runs through your basement.


A blower door is a common part of many professional home energy audit Richmond VA. To identify air leaks, the blower door is used. In a blower door test, it is possible to depressurize the home with a blower door machine after all windows and doors are shut. A thermal imaging camera is utilized to identify areas where chilly air could flow into your house.


A home inspection usually involves an inspection of your lighting. You can cut down on your energy expenses by switching from incandescent bulbs (incandescent) to dimmers with light emitting (LEDs) or compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs).


These are some of the most common stages that are conducted during an energy assessment. Other steps may be required (such as thermographic inspections) to inspect the arms of the energy auditor.


The scope of an audit will dictate the recommendations an energy auditor makes for your home. Installing weather stripping or switching to energy-efficient lighting are only a few suggestions. Some of the most important suggestions include installing insulation and replacing windows that let in cold air.


What will it cost you to evaluate your energy use, and how much can you save?


A professional home audit from a professional Richmond VA is more expensive if your property is more substantial than normal. Some companies have fixed rates, while other firms will charge more for larger houses. Contact your local utility provider or NGO to see whether you're eligible for a free energy audit.


Even if you have to pay for the service, it will save you money on your electricity costs over the long term by undergoing an energy audit and taking the energy efficiency measures that are resulting. Your home's energy efficiency can allow you to save as much as 30% off the cost of energy.

In-depth instructions on how you can complete a mini energy assessment at home on your own


The best way to find the energy-related issues affecting your home is through an expert home energy audit Richmond VA. There are still ways to save energy that you can implement yourself.


If you notice a draughty space in your home, check for leaks. The most frequent leaks are in the corners of walls, ceilings, doors closed, windows, and electrical outlets. Caulk or weather stripping may stop a leak if you spot it.


Look for holes in your insulation. are any holes in your insulation or around cooling and heating systems.


Switching to LEDs, CFLs, or energy-saving incandescent bulbs is a straightforward way to cut costs on your utility bill.


If you need to replace your appliances, energy-efficient appliances consume less power than conventional appliances.


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