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Retirement Income At Wholesale Prices - How To Buy Fixed Income At A Discount

Nov 25

When it comes to generating income for retirement, most choices are sold at retail pricing. Investments like certificates of deposit, fixed annuities, bonds, mutual funds - all of these are retail products. They are all sold at retail prices, often with several layers of fees, expenses, and hidden costs.

However, there is a tiny corner of the fixed income marketplace that provides safe, secure fixed income, with higher yields. This tiny slice of the fixed income marketplace has been dominated by a few big buyers for well over a decade. In this hidden corner, fixed income is available at discounted, wholesale prices. Yet individual investors have been kept out of this marketplace because big buyers snapped up almost ALL of the available supply and then shoveled it off to Wall Street and big pension funds. 

Many investors have seen the television ads offering to purchase annuity payments by one of the biggest buyers, J.G. Wentworth. The owner of the future annuity payments sells at a discount in order to get a lump sum of cash immediately. That's one of the reasons these contracts are sometimes known as "Discounted Cash Flow" payment streams. They are also known as "Secondary Market Annuity Contracts" since they are issued and backed by top-rated insurance companies like New York Life, Transamerica, Berkshire Hathaway, and many others.

But these are not typical retail annuity contracts by any means. They are already issued, generating interest, and have a set payment schedule in place.

Recently, one company, DCF Annuities, LLC, opened the door for individual investors to purchase these ultra-safe sources of retirement income at wholesale pricing. 

What that means is individual investors can now pay less while getting higher yields and more income, without scrimping on safety.

Here's a quick, real-life example: If you need $1,875 per month in guaranteed monthly income for the next 20 years, it would cost you over $364,000 to buy at retail pricing. 

With true wholesale pricing, you can buy a similar stream of income, backed and guaranteed by a multi-billion dollar insurance company called USAA. Except, with wholesale pricing, the same income stream would cost you over $30,000 LESS than buying retail.   


DCF Annuities, LLC is now offering individual investors access to the full inventory of retirement income with wholesale pricing. For free, no-obligation access to the full inventory, fill out the form found on this page: 

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